Celebrity Weed Companies to Watch in 2021

Even though we’ve been no stranger to the weed game, the rest of Hollywood seems to be jumping on the train now that many states have legalized.

It’s no secret that the cannabis market is next level these days. Celebs with household names make any stoner curious enough to see what their weed company is all about! (and if they’re worth the hype!)

Hip-hop legends such as Drizzy Drake, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Jay-Z, and many more have secured bags in the cannabis industry. Plenty of actors and TV personalities have also entered the chat with weed businesses of their own as well. We’re talking straight selling nugs and pre-rolls, to other large scale projects that go beyond dispensary shelves. Wanna see what they’ve been up to? Well, here’s the run down….

Seth Rogan | Houseplant

First of all, take a fat rip and scroll through Rogan’s Instagram if you didn’t hear about this one yet! It’s safe to say the man who helped bring us the iconic Pineapple Express did not disappoint. We already want a boujie homemade ashtray in every room, and his latest drop in happening very soon, so keep an eye out!

After the launch, his interview with Vouge Magazine about his mission behind Houseplant involved some stoner wisdom on weed culture in the home:

“Something we talk so much about is all this weed shit lives under your coffee table in a shoebox or in your desk drawer in the back of it for so long,” Rogen tells Vogue. “It deserves to be on your shelf, on your mantle, or on your coffee table. In a world where I’m looking at a decanter of whiskey and my martini shaker, it’s commonplace to have that displayed in your home. Why shouldn’t your ashtrays and your lighters be put on the same kind of plane?”

Jaleel White a.k.a Steve Urkle | itsPurpl

Alright, this one just feels wholesome, doesn’t it? The effort 710Labs and Jaleel put into this collaboration really shows. That being said, if you’ve been a fan of the Purple Urkle strain, this is a must-try. No better opportunity to get faded and throw out a “Did I do thaaaat?!” in his honor!

During an interview with Forbes, Jaleel sheds some light on his inspiration and goals for itsPurpl.

“The thing that always stood out to me was there [was] no clear brand leader for fire purple weed,” White said. “It made no sense to me, that no company of significance had claimed this lane, so why not me?” On a more real topic, he mentions that “Burrowing my way into an industry not known for diversity or inclusion has been both challenging and rewarding,” Well said. You go king!

Snoop Dogg & Martha Stewart | Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party

Although this show started back in 2016, it produced over 40 episodes filled with weed themed potluck dinners up until 2020. Admittingly, this isn’t what our girl Martha is bringing to the table in 2021, but it’s worth checking out in order to get insight on her THC cooking knowledge, and some hilarious celebrity guests. The show took a break when the pandemic hit, but what came after is some truly dope shit.

Canopy Growth, the company who currently works with Seth Rogan, Drake, and Snoop partnered up with Martha Stewart in creating her very own edible line, which is strictly CBD based (for now!)

Martha’s CBD Bundles

Aren’t y’all tired of shitty tasting edibles? Because we’re looking at a future of gourmet CBD and THC treats that work as great as they taste! Martha Stewart brings that household name in the culinary world into the cannabis industry. That being said, we have no doubts that the “Whole Foods” era of edibles is coming real soon.

Martha continues to produce wellness products such as oil drops, softgels, gummies, and even pet-friendly chewables in 2021!

Jay-Z | Monogram

According to Jay-Z, the first hip hop billionaire (in case y’all forgot) he got into the weed game looking to put out some luxury. Makes sense! His main product, named The OG Handroll consists of a “cigar-like” 1.5g joint that was rolled by “highly trained artisans.” In a Forbes interview, he claimed the rolling technique took a year to perfect, which explains the $50 price tag.

Rumor has it, that “pipeline of artists and athletes” under Roc Nation, including Rihanna, will play a crucial role in the development of future brands. Yes! You read that right!

Drake | More Life

Video produced by Billboard News, not associated with The Collective Cannabis

Right now, mf a mystery. We’ll just put it that way. We can assume a line of strains, softgels, and topicals will be rolled out, but knowing Drizzy, expect the unexpected. This guy’s a crowd pleaser, no doubt. He’s got that innovative spirit and likes to stay on top, so we might even get hit with a line of high-end drinks, or even something we’ve never seen before!

We’ll keep our eyes peeled and put out updates on all your faves and their cannabis endeavors. This year has been huge for all of us as we try to move back into our “normal lives.” So remember to keep it lit, and we’ll keep it real. Some exciting must-try products are coming our way soon!

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