Seth Rogen’s Weed Company: What to Expect

“I really love weed” was the quote from Seth’s recent promo video that every news article latched onto, but at The Collective, that’s already a given. If you don’t feel like having some boomer explain this shit to you on NBC news, here’s the deal:

If you haven’t seen this wholesome launch promotion, you definitely have to! He demonstrates the never seen before packaging, and another product that we admittingly already want. If you have seen it, watch it again. The genuine excitement in his face is worth a replay:

So when did this actually become a legit company? Apparently back in March 2019, but Rogen’s got a decade of time, effort, and highdeas put into this company.

It just feels like common sense that the man who helped bring us the iconic Pineapple Express and many other weed friendly masterpieces is going to really deliver, so its safe to assume the line will turn out to be straight fire.

“Houseplant” is going to offer more than just quality bud.

As Seth Rogen fans, we know he’s been really into pottery for a hot minute, which became his ultimate quarantine hobby aside from telling Ted Cruz to go fuck himself (as we all should.) We assume many smoke and clay molding sessions gave him that lightbulb moment of cannabis-oriented housewares as part of his ongoing company. It’s truly a stoner innovation that considers convenience and aesthetics, and we’re here for that.

Here are some examples of his pottery, as we could expect to see similar versions in the Houseplant catalogue:

Look at this shit. This is heart and soul right here. They’re uniquely made with thc-fueled love while normalizing weed housewares on a grander scale due to, well, him being Seth Rogen. It’s a win-win situation for all of us. Watch Urban Outfitters try to knock this off within the year.

Houseplant is also gonna hit us with some vinyls that are meant to bump during rotation. The musicians behind these albums? Who the fuck knows!

We’ll find out soon enough. It’s always gonna vary by taste and all that other shit, so plan on going into it with an open mind. We love to see a dope ass idea come to life and spreading positivity. It’ll also give us some insight on what it would be like blazing with Seth, or maybe spark a little stoner creativity of your own.

Alright, alright. Music, ashtrays, that’s all amazing. But what kind of strains are we talking here?!

Aside from this 2019 strain release, there will be plenty left to the imagination until the actual drop. But for now, we leave you with this tasty looking screenshot of a recent tweet:

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Stay tuned for further updates on this OG’s new company, and if you end up getting your hands on some of the newest Houseplant release, roll up a cross joint and throw on your favorite Rogen film! (hopefully while ashing into your new ceramic boujie ashtray)

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Inhaling a fat hit….
Ayyyyyee. You did it!

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