Are Pre-Rolls Worth it? You May Be Surprised.

The idea of a pre-roll has always been presented as “convenient.” But what if we told you the common ones found in dispensaries actually aren’t? Apologies in advanced for the pre packaged joint lovers out there, but someone’s gotta give it to you straight.

Ring ring… it’s reality calling. Some of you have got to pick up the phone, and put down that pre-rolled mess. Out of the many tricks strain companies pull over their customers, the pre-roll has been one of the biggest cash grab shams on dispensary shelves since they first started selling them commercially, even before.

  • Ever wonder why almost every strain company sells pre-rolls?

Because every stain company has “trash” in the form of shake, trim, leaves, and tiny nugs that aren’t sellable in 8th jars, and all they do is roll it up and overcharge you for it.

  • Anyone with money could sell them

We’re dead serious. You’ve got a connect to a grower? Have access to pounds of shake on the cheap? Congrats, you’re eligible. Just hit up this website and they’ll get the packaging down for you. Sounds easier said than done, but it just means that any of the pre-roll brands could be ran by some asshole looking to get rid of weed they can’t sell in jars. That being said….

  • You will never EVER know what really goes in them

Just like the butcher doesn’t use the quality cuts for making sausage, but the leftover shit no one would eat otherwise instead. You get the picture.

High quality pounds don’t come cheap, usually over $2k a pop, which is why top shelf flower, 95% of the time, is never put into pre-rolls. What goes into pre-roll is shake and trim. Think about the dust bottom of the box of cereal, and that’s basically what shake is. Except instead of intense sugar, it’s some dry ass weed crumbs that are much less potent than the flower it came from, plus all the stems and seed that gets left behind. Trim, on the other hand, is literally just leaf trimmings that are removed from the buds. Imagine how much trim gets left behind after a huge harvest? Sure, they have a little bit of thc in them, but smoking trim burns the shit out of your throat. Not worth it.

  • If smoking some grower’s “waste” wasn’t enough, the machine-packed joint is gonna burn so bad you’ll end up wasting weed anyway.

We’ve all been to canoe city, alright? That place sucks. Either that or you find yourself sitting there re-sparking the flimsy, powdery joint after every hit and wonder: “why the fuck did I not just roll/stuff my own joint/cone?”

Another common occurrence with pre-rolls is how little weed gets stuffed at the bottom, making it pretty much impossible to hit the roach by the time it gets there.

  • “$5 a joint tho? How could anyone pass that up?! I’m SAVING cash, bro.”

You are not. A pound of weed contains about 453 grams. Each pre-roll is about a half a gram, sometimes .75 even, to one gram each. Buying single pre-rolls wont get cheaper than $5, and paying that little is guaranteed shit, there’s no way around it. If you’re getting the “bottom of the bag” weed slapped together by a machine and expect to get high off it, you’re going to end up smoking a lot more than you would’ve if you had just opted for stuffing your own cone or bowl.

So shit weed + shit rolling process = guaranteed not getting every hit out of it, why do this you yourself?

Do ALL pre-rolls deserve a bad rep? Of course not!

We understand more than anything that there are stoners out there ensuring that other fellow stoners are getting the best toke out of their pre-rolls, but this article is mainly for those who trust every single “cheap deal” on the shelf. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

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