High THC Percentages Don’t Equal Good Weed: Here’s Why

Even in a world filled with modern stoners, the spread of misinformation is still very real. If you’re one of those people who don’t see cannabis outside of its THC content, we’re about to blow your mind harder than the first time you saw a THC percentage on a label.

Don’t get us wrong, THC percentages do matter in a sense, but just have been overhyped for far too long. It’s come to the point where people are missing out on amazing bud on the shelves, so let’s stop the madness y’all.

To break it down in the classic “explain it like I’m five” style we all know and love, let’s start off with a couple examples:

The Alcohol Argument

Alright, you’re at the liquor store trying to find the perfect bottle, maybe planning on doing some drunk online shopping, who knows. Do you go for the “might as well be rubbing alcohol” Everclear, or something more fit for the occasion?

Not saying high THC strains are “too strong to enjoy because of the disgusting aftertaste” like Everclear would be, but in this example, the reason for its high alcohol content is how it’s made. To assume a product is better because of what one number on a label says makes it easier for companies to sell weed that isn’t necessarily higher quality.

For liquor, your “drunkness” is gonna depend on the alcohol content ratio and how much you ingest. For weed, your “high” is in the cannabinoids and terpenes, and of course, how much you smoke.

Only focusing on THC percentages is like eating that one “good thing” you know how to cook every single night. We all know it becomes way more satisfying to mix up the flavor and content of the food.. so…

In that case, would you rather have one good thing, or a variety of good things?

The more variety in cannabinoids and terpenes or “fun friends at the party” will be your best bet to getting a great high, or a “super fun party.”

That’s the simplest way we could define the concept of “The Entourage Effect,” which is a legit term used in the weed industry and not just referring to a group of friends upping their chances at getting laid by going out in a group. We’ve all done it!

Now that you get the idea of what they do, take a look at what terps and cannabinoids really are, and the important ones to know!

Ever smoked a strain with a “well-balanced high” that affected both your body and mind, had great flavor, and it hit so good you didn’t want to pass the joint?

Maybe you’ve read a strain description on Leafly where someone wrote a review about having a relaxing body high and focused mind. It takes more than just THC alone to accomplish this, remember that! so if you feel like what you’re smoking only provides a “basic bitch high” that makes you want to get the sesh over with rather than savor every moment, despite having a high THC percentage, it’s lacking in terpenes and cannabinoids other than the commonly known THC and CBD.

Most stoners know that weed contains cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, and others— but plenty of consumers still don’t understand the role they play, the difference they make, or how many there even are.

Everyone needs an easy color-coded guide, and here are our two favorite infographics! Feel free to download and zoom in. Don’t forget this teeny bit of learning will make a difference in your next re-up choice!

“Nah man, I don’t smoke anything less than 30% like my boy Snoop. THC gang all day.” is obviously the first thought that came to your mind when opening this article. Nothing else. For sure. But look, we’re all trying to smoke like Snoop, okay? Since we don’t have millions of dollars and personal growers giving us the best, full-spectrum weed this beautiful earth has to offer, we got to understand our options!

The rest of us non-millionaires have to do shit like read up on the topic (congrats! you just did!) and more importantly, find a quality dispensary with knowledgeable budtenders. (Thank god for Weedmaps) Visit multiple when you can! Those are the people that would love to talk terpenes about products you can actually buy on the spot, and before you know it, you’re getting as high as you used to. Giggles and all!

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