7 Gram Joint: Review of the “Grenade” by Cookies x Napalm x Lift Ticket Laboratory

Napalm and Lift Ticket Labs went OFF on their latest product. As soon as we heard Cookies got in on the mix, it was obvious that The Grenade was the must-buy item of 4/20 last year, and we can’t wait to see what they release this year!

Photo via Instagram: @thecannabisprincess

Purchased at Berner’s on Haight. Out of the “Gary Payton” and “Cereal Milk” options, we decided to go with Gary. A quarter of primo weed plus a gram of live resin, all wrapped in thc-infused paper will run you at $195 in this case, so you’re going to expect a high-quality experience from the start.

The hype is definitely real, but did it live up to it? Well, here’s a quick breakdown:

Sparking it

Absolutely painless. Sure, any joint gets lit right away if you use a torch to light it, but the problem so many pre-rolls have is being stuffed too tightly, which will make it harder to get a proper burn going. You know those joints that just keep going out and end up wasting your weed, defeating the purpose of a quick pre-roll? Well this is the polar opposite. The Grenade lit up effortlessly, which was pretty insane considering how windy the location was.

The pull

For sure varies by the strain, but Gary Payton left a sweet aftertaste with every smooth puff. We’re talking smooth, smooth. Like “why am I not coughing?” type smooth. Yes, you’re gonna cough, no shit. But it won’t be one of those painful, raspy ass coughs; more like the good kind. The kind of coughs real stoners enjoy. Feels like a cigar in your hand, except you’re gonna want to absorb each hit like it’s your last.

The high

We personally felt ready for another as soon as it was gone, but in the way like being down for seconds after a bomb meal. Satisfying, but you’re not legit walking on the moon after. If could you burn through an 8th or more in a day, then you’ll probably agree. This aspect is always going to depend on the person tho, but you’ll for sure get nice and baked.

The roach

Taken via iPhone

So the photo wasn’t taken at the absolute last hit, but it was one of those “oh shit, we forgot to take a picture of it burning” type of photos. Let’s just say this joint gets you living in the moment. The glass tip not only feels like a nice little reward, but prevents those “scooby snax”/bits of weed or ash in your mouth. Although many joints get nasty once they’re roaching out, this one was a plesant ride all the way through. (The unevenness of the paper was caused by some major wind towards the end of the joint btw, but it never went out on us!)

So, was it the perfect joint?

We don’t know if it exists, but we’ll let you know once we do. Being real, once it’s gone, it’s hard to believe you’ve just smoked pretty much a $200 joint. Could that amount of money bought a stupid strong concentrate that would’ve really knocked us out? Probably. Don’t get hung up on that though. The steep price makes sense when you consider the work put into its creation, plus their limited quanities. Besides, the novelty of it is more of the point.

The experience is pretty fucking awesome, and every stoner should treat themselves every one in a while. If you get the opportunity to get your hands on it, you won’t be disappointed!

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