Best Weed Chocolate: THC Candy Bars That Will Satisfy Any Sweet Tooth

Chocolates are one of the mass produced cannabis edibles on the market today. With so many to choose from, it’s hard to force yourself to decide between some really good choices. We’re here to make that decision a whole lot easier! You’ll discover a new brand on this list that’ll make your rethink your next edible purchase, guaranteed.

Considering how few articles there are on finding some quality weed chocolate, we felt the cannabis connosiours out there deserved an updated list. So far, it’s pretty much between Leafly’s outdated post from 2017, which features many companies that are no longer in business, or an article by Forbes from 2019, with only six if your dispensary/delivery service only carried six options. Come on, there are companies that offer more flavors than that!

We’re gonna be honest – out of HUNDREDS of cannabis companies that specialize in chocolate, narrowing the options down to a few categories is a great way to figure out which weed chocolate would best fit your needs. And, yes. Every single one of these products are available right now. None of that “coming soon” or “sold out” bs.

Each category will contain a select few options chosen based off ratings, reviews, and personal experience. These companies are also known for their popularity amongst the cannabis community, and most have won awards for their edibles. (we’ll let you know which ones.)

Here are our catrgories:

Lusciously Luxurious


2020 HighTimes Hemp Cup: 1st Place Winner

Grön is a full blown chocolatier, offering 8 artisanal flavors and two high dose options. With high quality ingredients and design being some of their top priorities, it’s no wonder that Grön was able to take this year’s 1st place crown for best edible. If the experts of HighTimes were able to give their stamp of approval, we expect nothing less than the best. Unfortunately for anyone outside the state of Oregon is going to have to wait till they expand into other states, or go and try them whenever you’re in the area. We love how they’ve included these chocolates having the “perfect snap” on their website, just goes to show how attentive to detail the people at Grön are.

These products have been featured on/reviewed by: DOPE Magazine, Come Back Daily, Respect My Religion, and PDXMonthly.


HighTimes Cannabis Cup SoCal 2nd Place Winner 2019

No, we didn’t say Béyoncé, but we might as well have. Because when it comes to weed chocolate, this company is no Kelly or Michelle. Fun fact, the name actually comes from the French translation of “stoned” and was created by former Apple employee Eric Esalo. These decadent treats provide an elevated experience that looks and functions as great as it tastes. Aside from how beautiful Défoncé’s products are with their geometric shapes and smart design, they offer 9 delicious flavors from hazelnut to matcha. Also, if you’re expecting some tiny candy bar, think again. Trust us when we say you get your money’s worth.

Not only have they collaborated with Chong’s Choice, which owned by Tommy Chong, their products have also been featured in: Forbes, WIRED, Cannabis is Now, The Rebel Dandy, Cool Material, & more.

Personal experience: So far, we’ve tried the Matcha Tea White Chocolate and fell in love with every aspect of it. We can vouch that they really do taste as good as they look in the pictures, but this is a chocolate bar you’d for sure want to savor instead of eating all at once.


HighTimes World Cannabis Cup Winner 2015, and HighTimes SoCal Cannabis Cup Winner 2017

Have you ever bit into a bon bon? Because damn. Its everything you want and more. That creamy texture is the holy grail of fancy chocolate, and for it to be thc infused makes for the perfect gift for any stoner, even if that stoner is you. Altai definitely nailed it with this product by hitting all the marks. Appearance, taste, and potency all approved by the experts of Hightimes – we just might never eat a non-infused bon bon ever again!

Personal Experience: Eating these felt like they came out of a velvety heart-shaped box on Valentine’s Day. The marbling looks even fancier in person, and the caramel filling is seriously to die for. These are tricky because the weed taste is pretty much undetectable, so make sure to warn non-stoners before letting them eat the whole tin. We could barely stop ourselves!

Fruity Favorites

Chill, The Highest Chocolate: Acai Berry Blast

They’ve won SO many awards, that even on their own list of awards, we at The Collective were able to stumble upon TWO MORE 1st place winnings that they didn’t even list! If that’s not badass, we don’t know what is.

Which are: HighTimes World Cannabis Cup 1st Place Winner 2017 and SoCal 1st Place Winner 2019 (this particular flavor!)

Aside from having one of the chilliest names an edible company could have, they’ve got the award winning products that live up to it. We know what you’re thinking. “How is a chocolate that has taken home multiple 1st place trophies not in the luxury category!?” It’s simple. “Luxury” is more niche, like a treat from a boutique bakery; a once in a while type thing.

Chill, The Highest Chocolate has a line of products that is more practical on the wallet, yet belong amongst quality products, such as Whole Foods or something similar, no joke. It’s a must-try. The Acai Berry flavor is a particular favorite amongst their 14 varieties. With 8 THC and 6 CBD dominant options to choose from, we’re adding trying all the flavors to the bucket list.

A couple helpful reviews of this product could be found on Weedmaps.

Bhang Bar: Cherries and Cream

HighTimes World Cannabis Cup 1st Place Winner 2015 (this particular flavor!)

Remember when we mentioned a certain high-end grocery store earlier? Well, this scenario is based on real-life experience because according to their bios on Weedmaps and Leafly, the creators of Bhang have been making chocolate for Whole Foods prior to the establishment of their infused product company, and most likely still do. If you know how competitive it is to get into the “crème de la crème” of grocery, you’ll understand how top notch a product has to be! Now in 2020, their weed chocolate not only remains on plenty of dispensary shelves, but has further blossomed into a full line of thc-infused creations such as: lip balms, pre-rolls, gums, vape carts, etc.

Cherries and cream sounds like the fruity chocolate flavor combo we’ve always dreamed of. However, here’s some insight on those who have tried this award-winning Bhang chocolate bar: NuggMD, GetHigh, BigBudsMag, GetNugg.


High Times SoCal Cannabis Cup Winner 2017 (this particular flavor!)

Created by one of the leading cannabis companies in California, Absolute Xtracts. Their wild strawberry flavor was their way of dipping their toes into the edible market pool, and with plenty of success Satori developed into full-blown chocolatiers offering a variety of delicious flavors. A unique and favorite thing about Satori that we love is the fact that they have a list of recipes to take your thc infused chocolatey experience a little further! Their crème puffs and hot chocolate sound like some the most blissful quarantine munchies ever.

Featured on/reviewed by: Culture Magazine, HighTimes, HelloMD, DOPE Magazine, and other helpful reviews could be found on WeedMaps.

Personal Experience: We got our hands on these little gems courtesy of Eaze delivery, and loved every single bite! The tartness of the strawberry cuts through the sweetness of the chocolate perfectly with no intense “weedy” aftertaste. 100% worth trying!

Blissfully Bitter

Punch Edibles

Another company that we’ve managed to find an award for that wasn’t listed on their website’s press page. Which is a 2nd place title at the HighTimes SoCal Cannabis Cup 2016.

Sine this category highlights all the bomb dark chocolate that actually doesn’t suck, we had to include Punch Edibles Dark PB&J. There is no denying the success that Punch Edibles has experienced since its establishment in 2013 including being featured in countless magazines and even a feature film. It’s no wonder that they have over six different product lines, totaling up to 30 different chocolate bars. Yeah, you read correctly. Dark chocolate has always been more of an acquired taste, but Punch Edibles managed to create several flavors that will make anyone appreciate a touch of bitterness.

Personal Experience: As the name implies, it definitely packs a punch. The small size allows for those looking for a “does the trick quick” type of experience.The weed aftertaste is going to be present, but don’t let that become a dealbreaker, it’s just an opportunity to pair it with something. We paired the smores flavor with a cup of coffee and it was tasty af. It also might be our life-long mission to try all 30, btw.

Kiva Confections

Do we even have to tell you how huge Kiva is? Well, we’re going to anyway. Considering that it’s been one of the most popular edibles in California since its establishment in 2010, their name can been found on almost any dispensary shelf from the Bay to L.A., and other legal states such as Arizona, Nevada, Illinois, even Hawaii! Kiva serves as a leading example for many cannabis chocolate companies since they’re truly provided top quality product while maintaining one of the most recognizable brands in the cannabis edible market.

Personal Experience: Although Kiva chocolate comes in 9 flavor varieties, our experience with both their Blackberry and Espresso dark flavor stole our bitter loving hearts and landed Kiva in this category. As stated before, dark chocolate is an acquired taste. Some of us like wine, some of us can’t stand it. However, any dark chocolate eating stoner needs to try this product!

More Unique Flavors:


HighTimes SoCal Cannabis Cup 1st Place Winner 2017

Bringing the zen to anything you do! Zendo is a more recently developed edible company that has already reaped the rewards of having a great product, literally. Along with their 1st place cannabis cup for best edible, their nut butter spread and coconut oil has also won awards of their own. We felt Zendo was appropriate for this category since the majority of their product line is derived from nuts, yet they use chocolate in a smart way! Using cocoa powder brings that chocolatey flavor while keeping it health conscious. Breaking the routine of purchasing the typical sugary edible is a great way to elevate your lifestyle without all the sacrifice.

These edibles were also reviewed by/featured on: DOPE magazine, 420.Reviews, More Than Buds, and Marijuana Retail Report.

Stokes Confections

So we’ve recently stumbled upon Stokes Confections through a local SF dispensary, and their Cherry Almond Truffles were so unforgettable, we had to include them on this list! Since this is more of a unique product type, like many other chocolates we wanted to include on this article, we’ve created a whole “etc” category! As far as we know, these guys are availabe in the Bay Area so far, so if you ever stop by, give these a try!

Personal Experience: You’re getting high quality flavors all wrapped up in a non-glamorous, decently priced package. The Cherry Almond Truffle had this filling or “ganache” on the inside was a super tasty surprise considering we didn’t know what to expect from these little chocolate buttons.

Featured on/reviewed by: Ganjly, SFGate, and East Bay Express.


Established in 2015 by a professional chef, Mellows are award-winning gourmet marshmallows, handcrafted in San Francisco  These premium edibles are made with a full-spectrum, solventless ice water hash made from a single strain of sativa (Red Congolese by Gold Seal SF), resulting in a well-rounded high. Available in a variety of delightful flavors, their small-batch marshmallows look, taste, and make you feel amazing.

 The creator of Mellows has also written a full-on cannabis edible cookbook which just goes to show how awesome marrying two passions could be! We’re highly considering getting ourselves a copy to extend the dessert menu over here at “quarantine grill.”

Featured on/reviewed by: MyMilligram, The Cannifornian, SFevergreen, 420.Review, Sf.Eater.


Flav has always provided some interesting flavor combinations when it comes to their products, which seem to have no end. Not only do they have 11 funky yet tasty varieties of chocolate, but they offer so much more. When it comes to edibles, all sorts of thc-infused goodies from gummies to drink powders, all while having their own line of flower and concentrates. Now, we have yet to get a taste of any Flav products so far but we’re looking forward to seeing what their edibles are all about first thing!

Here are a few articles that exclusively feature Flav chocolate products: Kushfly, Nugg, and HighTimes.

We understand your frustration when it comes to finding the right edible for you, and we at The Collective are on a mission to ease that stress by providing real insight from real stoners. Instead of wasting hard earned money on an edible that turns out sucking, allow us to do the research and taste tests for you, so you don’t have to! As always, we hope this article has inspired you to consider all the factors that goes into your next weed chocolate purchase, and that you’ll find something that tastes just as dank as the high your looking for!

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