Take A Chill With These Perfect Strains & Edibles for Summer

Summertime is definitely hitting a little different this year. With the extra time at home, might as well beat the heat while puffing on premium and snacking on a THC treat. You deserve a poolside stoner day or two…or ten.

**This list isn’t a ranking, btw. Let’s just say it was pretty hard to pick our favorite strain or edible for summer 2020!


The perfect summer edible: NUG Pops

You can’t argue against it, since these guys put your “icepops” (or whatever you call them at home) to shame by bringing your childhood and adulthood together in the best way possible. With unique flavors like salted caramel apple, watermelon lychee, and prickly pear at 10mg a piece–you already know you’re in for an elevated popsicle that’ll cool you down and chill you tf out! The best part is that these are fast-acting, you’ll be feeling em’ about 10 minutes after eating.

The tropical fruit snack: Kiva Confection’s Camino Gummies

If there’s an edible gummy that screams summertime it’s Kiva’s Camino gummy line, a recurring favorite and ranked #1 of all Kiva products by A Proper High. Their range of flavors are fruit parings with a kick, such as watermelon lemonade or pineapple habanero. Don’t let the “strange combinations” fool you, because that sweet and tangy party in your mouth will tell you otherwise. They’re even strong enough to share depending on tolerance, or just to last yourself a good while, providing the perfect low-key high for all summer activities.


The perfect summer joint: Napalm X Cookies X Lift Tickets: Gary Payton

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Photo via Instagram: @thecannabisprincess

This collaboration involves some top tier companies, and they’ve accomplished a total masterpiece. Seven grams of premium flower, a gram of resin, all wrapped up in a thc-infused rolling paper! Smoking this is an experience best for two, so find someone you’re quarantining with and hit the beach (social distance pls), or pool, or backyard during sunset. Whatever the case, if you decide to light this up yourself, get comfortable because we guarantee you’ll savor every hit. Check out our full review on this product! Keep an eye out for their newer drops too, which come with all new strains and ceramic tips!

The fruity couch-lock: Ember Valley: Ice Cream Cake

Doesn’t that Ice Cream Cake make your mouth water? This super sugary cross between Wedding Cake and Gelato #33 has remained one of our favorite “dessert strains” of all time. If you’re familiar with the potency in flavors of the two popular cross-strains, you’ll understand how much sweetness this baby will pack into any joint. This is one of those strains that brings out the stinginess in people since it hits so smoothly and leaves a lingering taste of vanilla.

The citrus/gas: Cream of the Crop Gardens (Black edition): Mandarin Cookies

This hybrid comes from the “creme de la creme” of cannabis companies, the Cream of the Crop Gardens. We’ve been crazy about this widely underrated brand for a hot minute due to their exclusivity and luxury quality. COTC is all about small batches, high potency, and smooth flavor. Mandarin Cookies stole our hearts recently by having that perfect balance of sweet and gassy nodes with the cross between GSC and Mandarin Sunset, giving that full balanced high that brings a smile to your face, but doesn’t knock you on your ass. We couldn’t ask for a better summer terp profile!

The straight gas: West Coast Cure: Super Sour Glue

Just as the caption implies, this bitch is sticky-icky-ICKY. Super Sour Glue is an indica-dom hybrid crossed with GG4 for a heavy body high that glues you to your seat, plus a mood-lifting head high that comes with the Sour OG Kush cross. Everyone needs a gassy joint to start or end the day, period. Its the perfect gas for any occasion. West Coast Cure always does the job, and if you can’t find this specific strain, just keep your eye out for one of their iconic tin cans at your local dispensary.

The mellow high: Pure Beauty: Purple Rain

Who doesn’t appreciate a minimalist “soft” aesthetic? We sure do, especially since the taste makers at Pure Beauty have the mellow strains to match that dreamy branding. What we love about their Purple Rain strain is that it has that comforting body high of GDP for physical relaxation, crossed with Larry OG for that kushy uplifting feel to keep you going during any light activity. At a chill 20% THC, this strain is perfect for a summer afternoon indoors, one of those “let’s do some arts & crafts” type of vibe. If this baby is out of stock at your local dispensary, we highly recommend this brand for all kinds of mellow-seshes!

We hope you’ve caught a break this summer, because we all deserve to unwind every now and then. We know you guys are busy, stressed, and grinding every day. No need to worry about spending that $$$ wisely when it comes to visiting the dispensary – we got you!

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