Dabbing Granny Admits To Using The N-Word in Apology Video (UPDATE!)

Cancel culture is among us, and it’s always a two way street. You either fuck with them or you don’t, and cannabis influencer Dabbing Granny has found herself in the middle of a situation where the “cute, sweet old stoner” novelty about her is starting to fade FAST for some of her long-time fans.

If you’re reading this after July 2020, that means you’re here for the update. (If you don’t know the story, scroll past this and come back to it)

The cannabis community forgives, but never forgets. This time, all of her loyal fans are eating their words after defending her racist antics. To those who stayed by her side…WE TOLD Y’ALL. Look what happened, she dropped another racial slur on live even after upsetting thousands the first time.

July 6, 2020

The world of weed doesn’t have room for bigotry, so save the “but she’s old,” or “she takes medication” excuses out of it. They’re irrelevant. The word slides off her tongue way too easily, and to give a person like that a platform of influence is a waste of time. Check out our list of 100 Black-owned cannabis businesses/organizations, something much more worth the attention of the cannabis community.

We’re happy to say the account she ran with over 1M followers is gone, and should stay gone. Unfortunatly she went private as “@dabbinggranny_” which is probably only accepting requests from people her team feels won’t hold her accountable, which we all should. Cancel culture isn’t to ruin lives, it’s to make people responsible for their own vile actions, which she, a grown woman and major cannabis influencer, hasn’t been at all.

Here’s a reaction video that led us to the IG live, courtesy of @evanshmorgan

For those who don’t know…

Who tf is Dabbing Granny?

You know those people who were once in a viral video, then suddenly blew up and became an online celebrity? Well there you go. Even though she’s no Bhad Bhabie, she’s pretty fucking huge. Gail Olson a.k.a. “Dabbing Granny” has an audience of over 1.4 million followers on instagram alone (before it got taken down in July), and it all started just a few years ago with one “party trick” video that had thousands of people thinking she was the coolest grandma on earth. Here’s the video:

So…What did she do?

Between May 20-22, 2020, several videos have surfaced of Dabbing Granny used a racial slur describing a poc with complete ease, then apologizing for it…only to take it back by deleting it and denying it existed. Her team has already inflicted their damage control by taking down all the receipts, and here’s a quick glimpse on why they’d do that: Think about it. A person with over A MILLION followers is a large influencer that definitely supports other people’s incomes. Not to mention all the companies she’s publicly associated herself with. If she goes down, so do they. So we get it, and they’re currently in the process of cleaning up her mess.

Once something goes online, it lives on forever, motherfuckers.

You, the fans and consumers have every right to KNOW about the people you support to be able to have all the info you need to decide weather you encourage their behavior or not. Because that’s what “stanning” is. Identifying with a celebrity.

That being said, IG user @LoudPackJay with over 300k in following has done us all justice by providing both the racist slur video and the apology she decided to take back. We’re attaching the posts below, but we’ve got plenty of copies so if his get taken down, we’ll just reupload them on this article.

Yikes… Prepare yourself for your “funny and quirky” dabbing grandma to slap you with a dose of who she really is:

Here it is, full on admission of guilt in a video that is nearly impossible to find. But as we said, the internet is forever, and when people expose who they really are, there’s just no hiding from it.

When a person publicly disrespects hundreds and thousands of people, it’s only a matter of time when anyone associated with them is gonna jump ship, but can you blame them? It makes a lot more sense then standing by a person who doesn’t reflect what you represent. Two examples we’ve found so far were @bestofglass and @mjarsenal have stated that they no longer associate themselves with her, but get the feeling they won’t be the only ones.

Screenshot via Instagram DM: Courtesy of @eatmyrobot

Here’s the last piece of video footage we have made by HighRiseTV, which is covered in the first 2 minutes:

We at The Collective Cannabis believe that people DO deserve second chances and are able to change, no matter at what age. However, we cannot just overlook this type of behavior from an icon amongst the cannabis community, especially blatant racism.

The world of weed is a whole lot more than “peace, love and good vibes,” but it’s also a whole lot more than drama. The Collective Cannabis seeks to help any stoner navigate their way though the legal market and the people involved with it.

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