Top 10 Weed Drinks: Find The Perfect Liquid High For You

Whether you’re throwing it in a red cup and some juice, a 7/11 slushie, or just drinking it straight up. If you consider yourself a weed enthusiast and have yet to experience the fast-acting mellow sensation of a thc beverage, you have no idea how much you’re missing out, and that’s got to change ASAP. As always, we got you.

Even if you’re someone who knows all about weed drinks, we’re sure you’re down to try something new, so you’ve came to the right place. Btw – don’t make the mistake in assuming all weed drinks are the same, because this list shows that each brand lives in their own unique category, and all have a different vibe. If you want a weed beverage that tastes like beer, your favorite soda, or some organic fruity water, trust us. It’s out there waiting for you to discover it! Something in a bottle, something in a can, whatever you’re looking for…there’s a thc drink for any situation!

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(Disclaimer: This article won’t be covering THC infused wine or syrups, since a review is currently in the making! Also, the following is not in a specific order, we’ve got equal love for every company listed!)

Dixie Elixirs

This hard-to-miss brand has made waves in the weed beverage industry since 2010, and it’s been a staple in dispensaries all over the U.S. You’ll find these must-try liquid highs in legal states such as: California, Colorado, Maryland, Nevada, and Oklahoma. So what’s the big secret to their success? Well, what we do know for sure is that their high quality product line speaks for itself by fulfilling the expectations of what a modern thc-infused drink looks like. Their tempting flavors, effective potency, and fun packaging gives Dixie Elixirs an irresistible appeal.

Keywords: Soda Option, Smooth, Fruity, High Dose, Multiple Legal States

Cannabis Quencher

Made from quality organic ingredients, Cannabis Quencher makes your weed drink as “guilt free” as opting for smoking flower with no artificial ingredients to worry about. Each bottle guarantees 20 cannabis mocktails, making for the perfect mixer to give you that extra thc boost into any drink of choice! Since their establishment in 2012, CQ has came a long way with the awards and release of new products that resulted with their success. Not only do their 7 unique flavors sound fruity and delicious, but they’ve also got both zero calorie and cbd dominant options for the health conscious stoners out there.

Keywords: Organic, Fruity, Smooth, Low Cal, High Dose, California Only

Mirth Provisions: Legal & Giant

A thc beverage found on plenty of dispensary shelves in several legal states such as: Washington, Oregon, California, and Colorado. Their take on the timeless dark bottle design indicates the classic flavors incorporated into the ingredients, as well as high standard for the preservation of quality. Not only was Mirth Provisions listed on HighTimes “21 Brands to Watch,” they have also been recognized for their potent and portable line of cannabis shots called Giant. These 2oz little dudes come in 4 different flavors each with their own health benefits by blending natural herbs with the appropriate type of strain.

Keywords: Bubbly, Coffee Option, Fruity, Tart, Both Low & High Dose Options, Multiple Legal States

Two Roots

Referred to as a “next-gen, hangover-free, low-cal buzz.” by BigBuds Magazine. Two Roots Brewing Co. offers that good old-fashioned beer inspired experience by using malt and yeast as well as plenty of bold flavor combinations in order to provide a bright yet hazy party in your mouth. Without the undesirable aspects that come with regular beer, you’re able to enjoy your thc break without sacrificing your love for good brew. Two Roots has been going strong since their establishment in 2016, and their products have gotten as much buzz as it’s given. Here are some of the various articles they’ve been being featured on: DOPE Magazine, Cannabis Dispensary Magazine, Spirited, and BrewBound.

Keywords: Foamy, Bubbly, Malt, Low Dose, Low Cal, California Only

Lagunitas: HiFi Hops

Another weed drink that gives a straight-out-the brewery type of feel, but there’s a lot more to Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops that makes it a unique dispensary favorite. For those looking for a full bodied, bubbly experience with a thc twist all without the bloat, this product is the perfect solution! With no carbs, sugar, or calories, you’re in for some refreshing yet flavorful sparkling water infused with top quality cannabis oil courtesy of AbsoluteXtracts. The experts at Leafly describe it as a “Stoney, Hoppy, La Croix,” while other sources have raved over Hi-Fi Hops in several articles such as: The Fresh Toast, The Cannifornian, PopSugar, Maxim, and CBS News

Keywords: Foamy, Bubbly, Low Cal, Low Dose, Citrusy, California and Colorado Only


A cannabis cooler that’s the life of the party, Habit Crafted provides a product that belongs not only on dispensary shelves everywhere, but in high-end liquor stores as well. Due to their ability to pair well with alcohol, Habit Crafted created the perfect mixture in order make the tastiest twisted cocktails ever. Can’t decide what to make? The people at Habit have your back with some great suggestions such as a medicated mangonada, sangria, and something they call “rainy daze.” Don’t assume their products are only meant to be enjoyed one way, though. They offer plenty of delicious non-alcoholic suggestions as well! This “Cloud9” lemonade and “Bongiornio” look abso-fuckin’-loutley amazing.

On a side note, many drink companies have an anti-alcohol type of agenda when it comes to their advertising, which is totally okay. But as stoners who also enjoy a casual cocktail every now and then, it’s refreshing to see brands out there lean into this market with pride. Any responsible adult should have the option to elevate the way they choose to unwind, and what better way than with some thc?

Keywords: Fruity, Mixer, Bubbly, High Dose, Measuring Cup Included, California Only

Cann Social Tonics

It’s hard to believe that Cann Social Tonics is one of the more recently established cannabis drink companies, which was in 2018, but that just goes to show how well they make an entrance. It’s obvious that Cann nailed the idea of a “social tonic” with chill “mini dose” of a thc/cbd combo flavored by delicate fruits and florals that’ll make anyone feel as cute as it looks.

Cann Social Tonics has been referred to as “the future of social drinking,” and with good reason! Considering how much of a unique appeal that this product line has, we see it becoming one of the trendiest cannabis drinks on the market. We can’t wait for the day when social gatherings become a thing again, and the new norm involves people opting for something like Cann while making people feel a lot less boujie with a sugary white claw in their hand. Oops.

Keywords: Bubbly, Fruity, Floral, Low Cal, Low Dose, California Only

Manzanita Naturals: The Fizz & Kwik Ease

A product line totaling of 9 bomb products which include: 5 flavored sparkling waters, 3 natural sodas, and 2 concentrated shots. There are a lot of aspects about this brand that makes their drinks worth buying, for instance, the flavor and consistency is seriously on par with the leading soda brands on the market, and we could thank the 40 years of experience the brew masters at Manzanita Naturals have for making that happen. You could drink this straight up without catching that CO2 aftertaste, which is a common occurrence with anything infused with thc. Their Kwik Ease concentrated shots also uphold that same standard, and they’re really convenient those wanting a strain-specific boost throughout the day, which has been all of us at some point.

Keywords: Soda Options, Bubbly, Fruity, Both Low and High Dose, California Only


Keef Brands offers sodas, lemonades, and carbonated water that look and taste like staple fountain drinks that deserve a place in your fridge. What you see is what you get, which is a total plus when it comes to drinkable weed. The disappointment of a low quality product in a fancy package is a different kind of pain, so might as well spare yourself the stress and let-down by opting for a trusted company like Keef. Rewinding 10 years back, Keef Brands was the first thc-infused beverage company in Colorado during a time where the stigma was real to say the least. With passion, perseverance, and an overall quality product, Keef was able to reach newer heights by becoming a huge success with the endless amounts of press and a 1st place cannabis cup to show for it. Their drinks can be found in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, even Puerto Rico!

Keywords: Soda Options, Bubbly, Fruity, Low Cal, Both Low and High Dose, Multiple Legal States

California Dreamin’

Another weed beverage company that is relatively new-ish to the game with only three years in, yet they’ve already secured a place in the hearts of many stoners all over the west coast, especially the microdosers! According to their WeedMaps bio, the founders noticed a need for a lower dosed thc drink for those who were intimated by their high-dose counterparts. In other words, California Dreamin’ is catered to those who just wanna dip their big toe into the vast ocean of super potent drinkable cannabis, which is a lot more people than you think. This drink is made with minimal quality ingredients, which means there won’t be any weird words you’ve never heard of in the ingredients list on the label, which is always a good thing!

Keywords: Bubbly, Fruity, Low Cal, Low Dose, California Only

A great way to get the most out of your weed budget is to visualize the possibilities that come with the type of product. Picture what is your day going to look like. It’s much easier to decide between really good thc infused drinks when it comes to imagining yourself sitting poolside during a sunny afternoon or sinking into the couch on a movie night. We wish you the best in your beverage discovery, and hope you find the weed drink you’ve never knew you’ve always wanted!

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