Bored and Stoned at Home? Fun Things to Do in Quarantine

Another day at home can feel like everything has already been done, but that’s never actually the case! If you’re expecting some yoga tips and smoothie recipies, you’re in the wrong place, Gwyneth Paltrow. If you’re bored or stoned enough to research things to do, then this list is definitely worth checking out!

If you’ve read articles like this before, we’re sure you’re tired of the same suggestions. “Watch a movie. workout. play video games.” As if you didn’t know that shit already. So, we did the brainstorming for you. Here is a unique list of ideas that we’re sure will get your ass up and making stoner memories!

Set up a virtual sesh

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As we’ve mentioned in our recent covid-19 post, there is no reason to not be able to blaze it up with the homies! Besides the stoner conversation and kush up sessions, there are plenty of things to do as a group, such as watch a movie together via zoom, or even breaking out the online multiplayer games…unless you’re one of those people with a friend group where everyone owns the same console, lucky ass.

Interview yourself sober, answer the questions once you’re high.

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This would also work much better with a friend, since you’re able to wait till you guys are nice and baked until you reveal your questions. Just write some questions down on a piece of paper, put it away and whip it out after that moment you realized you forgot you even wrote it in the first place. Doing this could spark interesting conversations during rotation, and some thought provoking moments. The higher you are, the better your answers will be for sure.

Tie-Dye Something

Legit anything. A pair of socks, an old band t-shirt, even your shoes. The only thing you’d have to do is obtain the materials first, but if you have no materials and are down af to customize some clothes, there are still other ways! You could use bleach on any dark colored fabric, even some colored markers and rubbing alcohol. There are so many alternatives out there, deadass. They turn out just as good as fabric dye too!

Discover new music

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Name a better feeling than discovering a song that really gets you. Something that hits in all the right ways, and you keep it on repeat for the rest of the day. Music is a huge part of a person’s headspace, so finding something that you really vibe with genuinely feels like you’re growing intellectually, and you are! Making a new playlist with nothing but bangers is pretty satisfying too, and your high ass knows good music.

Trippy Youtube videos

So this one’s going to depend on your personal taste. What one person may find trippy as fuck, another may find super boring. Think about some trippy concepts, get on youtube, and start looking up some complications. Think the simulation theory’s super weird? Or what about alien abduction stories? The paranormal? Maybe some government conspiracies? Even if a simple celebrity meltdown is enough to keep you perplexed, watch that shit. Gain something from it.

Do a “viral challenge”

Fuck it. There’s so many to choose from, and it’ll probably be the most memorable thing you did all day so why not? Film it on tiktok. Post it on your IG story. Send it to your mom. Whatever. Grab some siblings or friends for that extra peer pressure and some hilarious outcomes. Regardless of how old the challenege is, or if you make on up, it’ll be a fun way to pass the time. If you want to do something that’s “trending,” try these out:

for the heavy stoners: Kush-Up challenge, 100 Hits of Weed challenge.

for the couples: Eyes-closed challenge, Naked challenge, Flip the Switch.

for the ones who get up and dance: Savage, Renegade. Cradles

for the big groups: Something new, Get loose.

for the pet owners: Dog Egg challenge, Cat Square challenge.

for the extra bored mfs: Hand challenge, Don’t rush challenge.


You got to. You fucking GOT to. Being stuck inside for longer time periods than you’re normally used to will eventually start to get to you. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut this way. Sitting in the same area every day, eating in the same spot, facing the same wall for multiple hours, of course that’ll get old. Fuck that. Move stuff around! Weather its your living room or bedroom, wherever you spend the most time in. Not only will it clear your head, it will make your space feel fresh and brand new! You might even end up throwing out all that old shit you don’t need.

If you want to take this a little further, here are some under $100 options room upgrades that’ll elevate your space:

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A projector: $60 on Amazon. One of our members personally owns this exact projector and fucking loves it. Make movie and game night a whole lot more fun!

Learn a simple skill

What’s something you’ve always wanted to do, just so you could show out? Come on, you know you’ve always wanted to do some perfect party trick to make everyone lose their shit. Now’s the time to learn! Every wanted to do a flawless magic trick? Or play poker? Maybe you’ve always wanted to make your own beats, or cook a steak properly, or roll a cross joint. Don’t come out of this quarantine without at least ONE new skill. You don’t have to learn a whole new language here, you don’t even have to solve a single rubix cube. Even if it’s just learning a new way to text with your eyes closed, who cares. Learn something that you’ll use. You can be stoned while learning, trust us.

Treat yourself like royalty

Okay…so this is somewhat enabling, and there’s minor work involved, but we promise you this is one of the best things to do stuck at home. Fuck your gender, fuck your laziness, fuck your excuses. You’re gonna feel like a bad bitch regardless of how you normally feel.

Run that warm bath water and get in it. Bring music, bring weed, bring everything that brings you any kind of happiness. If lighting candles seems too extra, do it. If you haven’t busted out the nail clippers or the tweezer in a hot minute, godamn it..just do it. Do it high as fuck. Apply lotion from head to toe, and all those little things you said you would normally do back when we weren’t living through an actual pandemic. Buy yourself something, weather it’s new weed or something you’ve wanted for a while.

We’ve all been bored enough to actually look up a list of things to do, so we feel you and hope that this article has sparked some inspiration for your next activity! Become a part of The Collective for more content from stoners just like you!

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