Virtual 420 Guide: The Biggest Online Weed Events This Year

Covid-19 may stop the stoners from gathering, but it doesn’t stop us from blazing together! Virtual sesh hopping is the new wave right now, and 4/20/20 is going to offer the best. Celebrity guest stars, live performances, some Q&A action, and of course, blowing as many trees as you can! Here is the complete guide to all the best rotations you don’t want to miss. Bring your lungs!

Some events are free, but accept donations. Some cost about $5. Just a heads up!

Listed in no specific order. Keep in mind of the time schedules, the time zones, and all the details on where to find these events since they are subject to change.

“Higher Together” by: Weedmaps, Berner, Wiz Khalifa, & More.

Ngl, we’re predicting this one’s gonna break the internet and crash. It looks THAT promising. However, Berner’s caption states 3:45pm while Weedmaps announced it starting at 12pm. Super fucking typical and confusing, BUT don’t lose out because you didn’t keep yourself updated! We’re assuming they’re talking about Pacific time too.

“Web Sesh” by: RAW Papers, Chirs Webby, Pete Davidson & Other Special Guests

So this one’s held on Chris Webby’s Youtube channel, co-hosting with an SNL comedian riding on the relevancy of drama, so it should be pretty interesting, We fuck with Pete tho, and we’ll definitely pop in for a toke.

“The Great American Sesh In” by: Breal, Tommy Chong, Too $hort, & More.

This is one of those all day events that you could pop in and out of, plus the proceeds go to covid-19 first responders. Feel extra good on the holiday of positive vibes by giving back to those who need it most.

“Smoke-In” by: Merry Jane and Snoop Dogg

A live DJ Snoopadelic set, including the digital release of Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic” debut album. So enjoy some 90’s throwback jams with coolest cat in both the weed and rap game. Live on MerryJane’s IG at 4:20pm!

“Come and Toke it” by Willie Nelson and Other Special Guests

So we’re gonna assume the marked out names are ~super secret~ guests, but in reality, they’re probably no longer able to be a part or some shit. But hey, who knows? Also, if Billy Ray Cyrus and Tommy Chong could hop from one virtual sesh to another on 4/20, so can you!

Weather you’re rolling up, munching down, jamming out or just soaking in as much THC as possible — We at The Collective hope this guide was helpful, and that you all have a fun and safe 4/20!

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