10 Joint and Blunt Artists on IG That You Should Follow ASAP

We see it online, share the photos with our friends and talk about what we’d do once we smoke a joint or blunt as crazy as so and so’s. But how often do we recgnonize the actual artist behind some of the most insane joints you’ll ever see? Not as much as we shoud be!

Chris Iron Cheff

To start us off, we’d like to recgonize the OG Chris Iron Cheff since his artistry has been lingering around IG for more than five years now. The man has serious skills, as recognized by shine papers and other companies. Realism seems to be more of his thing, with intracate designs that seem like they take a lifetime to put together.

Tony Greenhand

This guy is just next level crazy. The amount of detail that each of his creations contain is really something else. From folding designs into filters, adding touches of colors, to proving that they still function and burn well is a unique flex for sure, but you got to give the credit where it’s due.


This artist rolls a lot of blunt swords and plenty of other weapons, and everything else he creates is straight hype worthy. We would love nothing more than to light all ends of that ironman thai-stick, but it wouldn’t feel right burning all that effort!


Jumping on the Baby Yoda wave was the best move for this joint rolling queen. Her not-so-little 3oz art piece went viral, being recognized by the owner of RAW papers and Hightimes magazine. She specializes on functional, portable creations with unusual shaped joints and blunts. Squares, triangles, and even x shaped joints that seem impossible to roll are straight up no problem for her.

Ganja Specials

This dude really makes ganja look special. He’ll take “rolling up a plane” quite literally, just fyi if you ever smoke with him! His art is has no specific style to it, and it just seems like he just creates anything that inspires him, which is dope. What you could clearly see is the novelty in each smokable artwork. Tons of familiar characters could be found throughout his IG feed.

Megan’s J’s 4 Daze

Megan’s a joint roller with some serious skill. She experiments with her style and rolls up handheld joint art to even the craziest monster-sized artworks that weigh more than what most people smoke in weeks. She’s a stoner who values flavor, and breaks down the different terpene combinations for her followers and supporters. You know those hits are tasty af!

Twaxxy Tyrus

Immedeately when coming across his page, it’s obvious that this guy’s got twax on twax. His joint and blunt rolling abilities are no doubt above average, and his weaving skills are off the chain. Rolling with concentrates, especially wax, can be difficult as fuck since you’ve really got to consider the way it’ll burn, and Mr. Twaxxy Tyrus could probably do it in his sleep tbh.

Buzz Buds

We can’t imagine how it feels to have Benjamin Franklin give you that look while you smoke his robot body, but it’s for sure going on the bucket list. Also, that kermit joint has literal fingers, y’all. Think about how many times you’d get frustrated with small details like that. Probably enough times to make you wanna chuck his green ass out the nearest window. A developing artist with crazy potential right here! We’d love to see how his next joint turns out.

Edward Rollerhands

If you find minimalist IG feeds satisfying, plus high quality joint art filled with colorful, well-known characters, and overall dank ass open-joint photos…well, then you’re gonna start fucking with Edward Rollerhands quite heavily. His styles ranges from letters, cartoons, to human figures such as his famous Young Thug joint, which he actually breaks down in a mini pictorial on making the head. He’s got some RAW talent, if you know what we mean!


Professional-level quality in all of his work, Michelangeroll was pretty much born for this shit. Although he doesn’t give out his secret sauce behind his methods, with good reason, he provides a youtube channel filled with tutorials that’ll give you the basics on rolling some smokeable art. In reality, all you really need is the basics to get started, so if this is something you’re interested in trying, really go for it!

You don’t need the most expensive packs of papers/blunts, or the boujiest strains to better your rolling skills. Weather it’s learning how to roll a simple cross joint or a difficult rope chain, all you truly need is your time and attention. Why not see where your imagination takes you?

Even if you’re not interested in creating crazy joints, but just someone who appreciates the art, check out the National Joint League on IG, a dope outlet for discovering, and promoting weed art of multiple different styles. Check it out their latest post on bowl art! that’s right, BOWL ART! Who said joints and blunts were the only opportunity to get creative? Even filters have their own artform! Hope this article was able to bring inspiration to all you joint loving, weed-art appreciating, social-distanced stoners!

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