Sherbinski: Famous Weed Company Owner Gets Real About the Industry on IG Live

Sherbinski is one of the players that has real experience in the industry, and works with people that the rest of us could only dream of meeting, so you can bet he knows major shit that you don’t. Research and only take a person so far, but hearing it straight from the source is a sure fire way to get real insider information.

Sherbinski and his associate G. Signh got on IG live wanting to talk about his start in the industry as well other various topics. One our writers at The Collective decided to document the public convo due to the amount of valuable information being given. Considering the amount of live attendees, which were under 200, we said fuck it and decided to pass along what we’ve learned. “Right place, right time” opportunities are meant to be shared, and we garuantee you’ll learn something you didn’t about the weed industry.

Since we can’t upload a huge ass video file (they were on live for about an hour and a half straight), we decided to provide highlights of the convo, the moments worth listening in on the most. It’ll be as if you never missed a thing.

They get into topic of trends in the weed industry, and how Sherbinski feels “designer weed” standards should be no different than designer fashion.

And of course, when a big player brings up the industry, you could expect a little shade being thrown.

This is the logo of the strain company they dragged, Lemon Tree, which has its merits. No shade here, since we at The Collective have had plenty of positive experiences with this company. Every point they make about a cartoon “streetstyle” approach makes sense until you think about how much value they said they have in “urban culture.” just a few minutes ago.

Our opionion? “Cartooney” shit is pretty eye catching tbh. Does it cheapen a brand? It can, but it really depends. Also, it doesn’t hurt to mention that high-end fashion designers have collaborated with streetwear skate brands, and have used cartoons in their designs plenty of times in the past…so the argument here is pretty much based on personal taste, not weather a brand is being “original” or not. How much do these to really know about fashion, though? In all seriousness, it’s hard to tell weather they’re the type of people that assume they’re knowledgeable in a whole other industry without actually being able to back that up.

BUT…they did have this one public encounter with a fashion icon that has us wondering if they were ballsy enough to send Tommy Hilfiger a pack, and that he liked it enough he came for more.. or that’s just the first thing we assume. Maybe he just walked in, who the fuck knows?

Here’s a video Sherbinski posted during Tommy Hilfigure’s visit to his dispesnary. It’s not like they’re arm in arm on a first-name basis, in fact Sherb looks like he’s trying not to make it obvious that he’s filming, but the fact that an icon came and shopped at his facility is pretty sick.

Some celebrity names start getting thrown around..

Giving packs to people like Young Dolph or Belly (who apparently smokes the MOST? still skeptical on that shit) for sure gains a person some bragging rights.

From Migos to John Mayer to Dave Chappelle. Since Sherbinski weed has been passed through some major A-LIster hands, how could you not want to have a taste for yourself? We know we do. High key wished we coudl’ve asked what strains celebs liked most!

What are some challenges he faced when getting started?

This is worth listening in on if you’re interested in getting into the weed business yourself, or if you’re just curious about his personal life lessons on growing his company.

Being humble isn’t something Sherbinski forgets to do. Letting people know some of the hash realities that come with the weed game shows that he’s not only here for the supporters, but to offer some honesty for the expectations of those looking to get into it themselves.

Some brief insight on covid19…

Even with the obvious setback, they’ve reassured that new product is still on the way and that they’re being mindful of people’s financial situations. Not much else was said, but we understand that some people are sick of hearing it, yet others are listening and hoping they’d bring it up in case they have any advice. Hopefully being “mindful” means discounts are to be expected soon, or maybe a couple giveaways? Fingers crossed!

So, what’s to be expected of Sherbinskis’ in the future?

They aren’t going to just get on IG live for an hour without letting their supporters know what the plans are for the company later on, and what they’re currently working on. This sort of insight would benefit any cannabis connoisseur, weed entrepreneur, or straight up Sherbinski fan.

Finally, What’s his relationship with Berner?

Apparently he gets asked about him all the time, I mean, how could people not considering their history?

We’re pleased to know everything’s all good between him and Bern, but to find out how far back they go as friends was pretty surprising. From revealing that they lived on the same block to the fact that he paved the way for companies like his own shows how much value Berner has in the industry.

For anyone with a passion for cannabis, there are certain degrees of success within the industry that determines weather a person is a producer or consumer. As consumers, it’s our responsibility to be on top of the current knowledge, and to keep an ear out about what’s new, what’s worth spending your hard earned money on, and what you’re better off not trying. Out of the COUNTLESS legal strain company options out there, the only real way to narrow down your choices is to educate yourself on them.

We hope you found this article helpful! Be a part of The Collective for even more great content!

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