Novelty Pipes, Bongs, and Rigs that DON’T Look Like Smoking Pieces.

Novelty pieces.. so unique, so unusual, so fucking awesome. The best kinds usually make you take a double look and say “THAT’S a bong!?” or pipe, rig, etc. The following pieces are the types you would definitely want to show off to your friends at the next rotation, or…virtual rotation. We’re talking about leave on the kitchen counter at mom’s house discreet. Also, who doesn’t love stuff that looks like other stuff?!

The “Hydroflask” Rig

Or, as they legally named it, the “aquabottle.” This little rig will fool even the most experienced stoners at first, and it’ll always remind you to hydrate!

Sushi Pipe

Another by Empire Glassworks. One of those beautifully detailed pieces that would decorate any surface. As a stoner, you still can’t tell what it’s for unless ya flip it. Even then, unexperienced smokers will probably never be able guess a little delicate glass sushi is meant for getting stoned as fuck.

The Unikorn

So you’re probably wondering why you’re looking at the little souvenier you drunkenly bought during pride fest last year, but we assure you, you aren’t. This is a fully functional silicone bong. That’s right. Let’s see any authority try to confiscate THIS. We gaurantee if it doesn’t smell like gas, its nearly impossible to tell its a bong right away. Wondering how it works? Here’s a video they posted on their IG demonstrating it.

The Kwack

Come on now. We couldn’t just include Piece Maker Gear’s Unikorn and not include the Kwack! Our favorite bathtub friend can finally transition into our adult lives because not only is this also a full-on silicone bong, this bad bitch FLOATS. Functions the same way as the unikorn, but their website includes a video as well.

Donut Keychain

So these are more of a chillum or “one-hitter,” but desperate times call for discreet donut hits on the back porch. These aren’t exclusive to one company, in fact they come straight from china so you’ll spend about $10 for this at most. Here are a couple of retailers: Badassglass, SmokeDay, and our wholesale option: Dhgate. We wouldn’t look at this on a pair of keys and assume you could smoke out of it, and most people wouldn’t either.

The “Piece” Pipe

So a silicone donut not really your style? We got you. As seen on Weedgagets and Weedrepublic, this Swedish design includes a click lock for when you want to keep it closed or pop it open for a sneaky toke. Sleek, undectable, and can be used as a tiny stash spot for even the most dire situations.

Raygun Pipe

Imagine how fun this thing is to hold though? So Mathematix Glass doesn’t seem to have a website of their own, but you could find their products on Weedrepublic, BrotherswithGlass, and Dankstop. Already thinking about a display case for this. Pew pew!

The Frying Pan

Taking wake n’ bake to a whole new level.

As stated by the HighLifeGoods website: “Each pipe has a bowl atop a frying pan filled with a hearty serving of glass-etched eggs and bacon. A handle connected to the bowl allows smoke to filter through for a plentiful hit.” Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

This piece doesn’t seem to be created by a specific glass company, but there are variants of it sold on SmokeCartel, HighLifeGoods, ThisIsWhyImBroke, and probably a lot more.

Sunny Side Up Pipe

Another addition to the wake n’ bake collection. Now, we don’t know what the “right” way of holding this would look like, but we assume it would be pretty fucking hilarious. Another by Mathematix Glass, probably in limited quantities, but if you’re really interested in this piece, it’s worth shooting over a DM. If you’ve never seen a flat pipe before. now you have.

The Scorpion

This little dude is a scorpio’s best friend, or just any edgy mf out there. Another benefit? Stands own its own feet! No need to worry about it rolling over when putting it down on a surface. The fact that it’s a solid black makes it even harder to tell that you could smoke out of it.

The Saxophone

Another novelty pipe sold on Puffingbird and Amazon. We don’t know how long this thing would actually last, but it’s just one of those pipes anyone wouldn’t mind receiving as a gift. Just for shits and giggles.

Mug Pipe

A little less discreet, but this multifunctional classic had to make the list. Definitely one of those “highdeas” that came to life thanks to some innovative stoners, so this piece isn’t exclusive to one company at all. In fact, they’re all over Amazon and Etsy, so you’d be able to find the right mug for all your wake n’ bake needs.

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