Weed Companies You NEED To Know: California

Brand loyalty has it benefits. You could just hear the name of a company and know whatever the strain is will for sure be some loud. Here are the list of weed companies based in Cali that will do the trick for you every. single. time. Guaranteed.

We’re talking strain companies.

Exclusively flower, not concentrates, not edibles. The purpose of this list is to turn you onto the best strains you’ll smoke here in California. Will there be companies with great weed that are not on the list? Sure, but if you plan on visiting or are a current native, knowing who these companies are is essential to your general 420 knowledge. They are unarguably on the top of the legal cannabis food chain.

It’s like naming pop singers or rappers on the radio, there may be people who are subjectively “better” than them but are much less famous, and we get that. However, this list isn’t for the underground talent, we’re gonna talk about those who are undeniably popular. Top Dogs. Always stay in the loop.

As the first state to legalize, it’s no secret that Cali is home to countless weed enthusiasts. Weather you’re old school or a new stoner, there are some key marijuana brands that sit at the cool kids table for good ass reason, and not knowing who they are is a total loss. Every single one of these companies stemmed from hardworking, passionate connoisseurs who started from the bottom up. We can vouch that each of the listed companies have perfected the growing process in their own ways in order to produce some of the highest quality strains on the market today. Here are some of California’s finest:


A name thrown around amongst the weed community as often as possible. Created by the man himself, Berner was just a local Bay Area rapper and weed plug in the 90’s who ended up rubbing shoulders and rolling joints with some of the biggest names in hip-hop during the 2000’s. Becoming a plug for famous rappers and a passion for weed took him places beyond belief. & If you know rapper weed, you know the potency is off the charts.

Along with utilizing the music industry, Cookies made waves throughout the fashion industry as well, being one of the few success stories amongst the cannabis market where merch became a full blown label. They became a worldwide sensation over the past decade and eventually took a life on its own with plenty of copycats trying to get a piece of the pie that Cookie fam created. Fake labels, fake strains, but imitation really is the best form of flattery. Make sure you buy all Cookie products from an authorized retailer.

With the accreditation of inventing Girls Scout Cookie, amongst many other iconic strains such as Gelato, Sunset Sherbert (NOT Sherbet), Gushers, which are crosses of each other. These strains hold genetics so powerful that they’re basically the reason countless of strains we love today even exist.

Most recent strain releases: Cereal Milk, Cheetah Piss, Pancakes, Stickybuns, and More.

Connected Cannabis

Connected was formally known as Cookies, but is NOT the same thing. Now, this is some “in the know” stoner facts right here, so you aren’t going to find articles on Berner disassociating himself with Connected Co floating around online. It isn’t something many people realize and you still get people asking about Berner in shops that only sell Connected and not Cookies. There’s a reason for this. Don’t think of it as Coke and Pepsi, but more like Disney and Pixar. Sort of. Although we cannot confirm that Cookies directly owns Connected, or even part of it, but all we’re saying is that Connected wouldn’t have existed without Cookies, point blank.

As reputable brands who don’t air out their dirty laundry, there still has been talk regarding the behind the scenes “weed drama” and disloyalty in the industry, and we firmly believe the story of Cookies and Connected Co. has much more to it than any of us know.

Here’s an interview where Berner briefly mentions the weed industry and his need for “creative control” over brand identity. We can’t know who he’s addressing for sure, but it’s pretty clear to us. Skip to 1:55.

Drama or no drama, Connected Co. provides high-standard, quality product that satisfies any cannabis connoisseur. This is why it is on the list. However, as stoners it’s our responsibility to be up-to-date on modern day weed knowledge. Self-education is key. We at the collective personally consume Connected Co. products and enjoy them. However, being real, a lot of their strains ride on just looks and flavor… if you know what we mean.

Popular strains: Biscotti, Gelonade, Rocky Road.


Established as a solo company about five years ago and is already one of the biggest names in the cannabis industry. How does this happen, you ask? Bay Area bound grower AND owner known as Sherbinski has had plenty of experience in the game, and a network that you wouldn’t believe. He’s been under the radar as a grower who sold directly to dispensaries, to a full on iconic brand with a storefront of his own. He knows everyone, and by that we mean everyone who’s on top of the weed game. Associated with Cookie Fam here and there, famous rappers and other celebrities, but what makes Sherbinski unique is that he’s created a “designer weed” experience with no gimmicks. No bullshit, no cutesy cartoons or eye-catching facades. Even though there’s nothing wrong with that, Sherbinski has created a timeless, classic feel while hitting all the marks. Flavor, appearance, potency. It’s all there.

Some of the strains they’ve curated and perfected: Pink Panties, Bacio, Mochi, Gello, Acaiberry.

Alien Labs

Two words… SMALL. BATCH. Yes. Alien Labs’ products bring nothing but terpene goodness and nugs that produce kief like it’s their fucking job. Created in 2014 by a second generation farmer in Northern Cali and former dispensary manager named Ted Lidie. The method behind their success relies in the skate shop-esque seasonal drops of limited strains. Quality over quantity is definitely their main objective. Each strain drop is released every couple of months and are as few as six different varieties. Although we live in a time where people gaurd their exlusive growing knowledge with their lives, the secret sauce of Alien Labs is definitely in line with Connected, as Ted is actually their branding director as well.

Strains they’re known for: Area 51, Baklava, Sherbacio, Melonade and Zookies.

West Coast Cure

A brand that gives back to their supporters in more ways than just a great smoking experience. Having Stash and Dashes throughout SoCal and engaging with followers in a direct and humble way are one of the methods to their grassroots success. However, WCC isn’t sitting with big players for being nice– there are plenty of factors that come to play in their widespread recognition. Their weed gets passed around the hands of famous rappers such as Wiz Khalifa, The Weeknd, Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert, and plenty more. That doesn’t just happen overnight.

Their strains are never lacking in potency, flavor, or aesthetics. Don’t make the mistake of assuming all weed sold in jars is automatically better than weed sold in a sealed tin. the weed always speaks for itself. Their crown logo is very fitting as these top quality strains have taken plenty of cannabis cups throughout the years.

Most recent strain drop: Wedding Crashers, Watermelon Sandia, Grape Gas, and Crushers.

Jungle Boys

Every stoner knows stupid weed when they see it, and this LA based company grows strains you’ll immeadetly want to show off to your friends. The Jungle Boys are more than just a company, but an actual group of growers and dispensary owners. Some of the youngest people sitting at the top of the LA cannabis market are part of the JB clique. For a while, Jungle Boys were on some speakeasy type shit, available in only one of LA’s best kept secrets known as TLC collective. Only a few years ago, attaining JB weed involved parking in a grocery store lot and going to some unmarked building upstairs, only to find a dispensary with a full-blown grow op inside. Whatever you bought was actually grown there, talk about farm to table. Their weed is more than just typical LA hype because it suprasses all expectations unlike other “boujie” brands. Trust us, you get everything you want and more with their strains, you won’t even want to past the joint.

Thankfully, they’ve expanded like crazy and are much more available throughout Califronia with the option to order online. Although their dispensary is a lot less lowkey nowadays, a portion of their grow op should still be there and is definitely worth checking out if you’re ever in town.

Big Al’s Exotics

One of those brands that typically comes to mind when you think of a “trendy” strain company. They got the eye catching colors, appealing names, and overall tasty strains. If you’re thinking about impressing some out-of-legal-state stoner friends, send a photo of one of Big Al’s Exotics nugs, better yet, get the jar since it’ll remind them that you’re smoking on some Willy Wonka type shit. There isn’t much information on the company owners, and that’s because they aren’t nearly as big as the other guys on the list. However, they did do a collab with Packwoods that contributed their success, and we’re looking to try one asap.

Popular strains: Plushers, Cherry Lemonade, Fishscale, Brr Berry.

Cream of The Crop

To be able to call yourself the “crème de la crème” of marijuana is as ballsy as it gets, and we respect that here at the collective. We also hold companies that prioritizes quality photography in high regards. They get major aesthetic points for their marketing approach, branding, and overall quality product. We’ve never seen a reason to disregard COTC from our weekly reup, and you shouldn’t either. However, in all good conscious, can we say they are the best of the best? Well, that’s definitely a tough one. Do they deserve to be on this list? Hands down. They give the people what they want–which is primo weed that makes a positive impact. These guys are very upfront and thorough when it comes to what goes into their product, so why buy from a company that isn’t willing to break down their strain test results for their customers? A San Diego based company that is available as far as San Francisco, so there’s no excuse not to give them a taste.

Popular strains: Nom Nom Cookies, Sundae Driver, Orangeade, Cherry Blossom.

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