Celebrity Stoner Stories That’ll Make You Laugh And Cringe

Gather round the campfire…it’s story time. Who doesn’t love hearing about a time something happened while someone was stoned as fuck? Regardless of who tells it, you know you’re about to hear an entertaining series of events only stoners would understand. Nothing like a stoner story that’ll make you relate to a celebrity on a spiritual level.

You laugh, you cringe, it’s the cycle of storytelling when it comes to weed topics shared by both experienced and inexperienced celebrities. We guarantee you’ll see some unexpected faces on this list. Starting with..

Nick Jonas

More of a ~weed experience~ type of story, but c’mon, it’s Nick Jonas. You know he isn’t at home taking fat bong rips every night. What we didn’t expect was what went down after he ate a weed infused lolipop before hosting an awards show.

Anthony Mackie

An interview hosted on 4/20 two years ago that’ll make you think twice about approaching a baby horse after hitting the blunt.

Jennifer Lawrence

Did we have to include JLaw? That’s a good question. You’re gonna watch it anyway.

Josh Hutcherson

Alright…admitting it. We didn’t add this clip for the irony of a co-star tell a better story, it’s just genuinely meant to heal you from almost cringing to death watching the previous video. Josh has great energy from beginning to end, and we realized how much of a straight up boss Seth Rogan is as a director. Storytelling starts at 2:40.

Kevin Hart

Not much of a “stoner” story at all since Kevin Hart doesn’t smoke, but he knows a legendary opportunity when sees one. We had to share his experience smoking with the one and only Snoop Dogg. Skip to 2:33 for the story.

Bill Hader

A night out in Astmerdam, need we say more?

Timothy Olyphant

Not only are we fans of the Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet and the fact that the character he plays loves weed, but his experience at a music festival was too good not to share, and we can definitely see all celebs doing this while high.

Snoop Dogg & Matthew McConaughey

Matt and Snoop Dogg the best friend duo we never knew we needed, and knowing they definitely smoked on a movie set is pretty sweet. Weed story comes up at 6:30.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Last but not least, Joe Gordon-Levitt leaves you with some insight about his experience with smoking at work and some advice for stoners everywhere.

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