Cannabis and COVID-19: Stoner Lifestyle During a Pandemic

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Every aspect of the maintenance within cannabis industry has been compromised, and no one is sure when things will return to the way they were just only a few weeks ago. As we ride this out together, here are a few things we’ve became very certain of:

We could still leave the house to go to the dispensary

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We’ve known how important weed is on a personal level but it took a whole pandemic to learn how truly essential marijuana is on a nation-wide level. According to public health officials, as long as a medically licensed dispensary abides by social-distancing rules, they’ll operate as normally as they possibly can. This means they’ll only let a very small amount of customers in, but that didn’t bother you guys while visiting a Supreme store– so why should it now, right? We’d all rather be safe than sorry, and it’s definitely better to be high in quarantine than not. At this point, we’ll take this as a win and just hope the weed hoarders out there cut their shit out, because we seriously can’t afford another toilet paper situation when it comes to our thc.

People are making the switch over to edibles

Sharing a joint, for obvious reasons, is worth minimizing during this time to prevent spreading any kind of germs. If you don’t plan on wiping your piece down with some isopropyl alcohol after each turn in rotation, you’re better off stocking up on edibles instead. According to Erik Altieri, executive director of NORML, dealing with a respiratory pandemic calls for various forms of precautions, such as reducing any stress on the lungs by giving them a break from inhaling any form of smoke.

(BUT..we do feel the need to mention that we at The Collective will personally carry on with our smoke routine as is.) We aren’t your doctor, your mama, or responsible for your ass in any way. The fact that we’re letting you know that people are eating weed more nowadays is just a particular observation of a choice many people are making because of the ongoing pandemic.

This isn’t a weed blog advising you to not ~inhale smoke.~ If you happen to choose to smoke weed during the pandemic or not to, that’s your business. We’re gonna keep blowing trees though.

But yeah. That being said…

People are getting more creative with smoking weed now that they’re stuck inside

Ok, so people have always been getting creative with it, but now that we all got more opportunities for thc breaks and no plans on attending any social events anytime soon, why not change up the routine? Here are some fun ways to spice up your next session:

DIY Gravity bong

Gif via GreenRush

Leafly has a great tutorial for the lame-asses out there who don’t know how to set one up. But if that’s you, no worries, we’re just fucking around. In all seriousness, if you’ve never built or at least hit a gravity bong, stop what you’re doing and go do it now. Trust us, you’ll thank us later.

for those who have done it, we’re pretty sure it’s been a hot minute since you’ve last made one. Why not try to make the best one you’ve ever made in your entire life? We’d love to see that go down. So far, this one has to be the coolest we’ve seen yet.

Hawaiian Hotbox

If you’ve ever smoked weed in a bathroom as a teenager when you weren’t supposed to be, then you’ve done this before. We’re certain many of us have done this unconsciously as well, since we didn’t even know this little ritual had a name back then. Still confused? Well here’s a “Collective approved” article that covers what a hawaiian hotbox is. This is a great way to make an activity out of your next sesh.

Smokeable Art

If you’ve never seen an untraditional joint or blunt to the point where it doesn’t even look like something you could possibly smoke, you NEED to start checking out some smokeable art asap. Joint, blunts, Shine papers, and plenty of other materials used to sort of papier-mâché some pretty incredible artworks that you could actually smoke. Here’s an article where we shoutout some of our favorite joint/blunt artists, plus more info on discovering more weed art, and even trying it out for yourself!

Get in touch with Mother Nature

And by that we mean… create a piece out of elements in nature. You’ve probably hit an apple pipe here and there, but we’re talking quarantine level creative here. You don’t even have to stop at fruit, though it is definitely refreshing. Fuck it, have a friendly competition with the homies, or show off the crazy ass new piece you made on ig. Submit it to weedhumor or something, its like, who cares? We’re all bored as shit anyway.

Here is some inspiration to get you started:

Broccoli Pipe by @yewyeweshop on IG. This girl’s smoked out of an entire fucking garden with videos of her hitting a sweet potato, lime, squash, a godamn brussell sprout. You name it. Not impressed? Come back when you’ve attempted to get a clean hit out of a sweet potato, then we’ll talk.

But, like we said, elements of NATURE. Okay?! Don’t go off poking holes into soda cans like its 2009. We’re eveolved now, and we know that shit is legit toxic. Keep it safe, stick to something natrual, roll up a cornhusk or whatever.

Some states are blazing much harder than others

Colorado & Cali – If you all think you’re smoking the most weed during the pandemic, we’ve got news…you aren’t!

It’s Michigan. Yeah, we want a recount too. We assume that’s the inner weed snob talking. Cali smokers, you might want to skip over the graphic because you guys came in dead last!

Here are the ranks. Where does your state fall on the list?

Photo via MLive website, BodyNutrition survey.

We at the collective would love nothing more than to call bullshit, but a survey’s a survey! Who knows, it could be a whole 420 festival over there.

Speaking of which…

4/20 will be going virtual this year!

Photo via Green Rush Review

With every single large event set during April 2020 shut down, the odds of taking part of a large social gathering are pretty slim right now, aside from those of you who are willing to take a risk and say fuck it. Tempting but definitely not worth the risk. Major weed friendly cities in the US such as San Francisco, Austin, Denver have already announced the cancellation of their 420 events. Well hey, at least a hotboxed car counts as quarantine.

No need to fear! Cookie fam came through with the event every stoner needs to check out this year. (virtually, of course.)

So if you were worried about any 420 fomo, you’re all good. Just make sure to be stocked up in time!

Dispensaries are seeing record sales

Look how surprised you are! Good, we aren’t either. The thing is, dispensaries are doing so fucking good, experts are calling marijuana a “recession-proof” product. Many cities are on the verge, or just starting to allow home deliveries to plenty customers. Data from Inside Headset reports that legal marijuana sales in California increased 159% on Monday compared to the same day last year, as well as an increase in weed sales in other states like Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, and Nevada. Even Washington saw a 33% jump in sales in only a few weeks. Everyone’s getting a piece of the pie.

Don’t forget, you’re not alone in the struggle!

Just because you can’t physically see your friends, it doesn’t mean you should stop smoking with them entirely! Virtual rotations are part of the modern age and we’re here for it. There’s no reason not to considering that everyone else is smoking at home too. So no need to miss on those philosophical conversations or the feeling of laughing your ass off with the homies. It’s still possible to enjoy the little things! Here’s a great tutorial for setting up your own virtual sesh.

Also – If you’re struggling to get by when it comes to the weed budget, it’s really easy to feel like you’re the only one out there scraping the crevasses of your grinder trying to gather another bowl. There are so many different levels of feeling dry. Some of us start to worry at the last 8th, or g. Others have the luxury to roll up as much as they please. Don’t get caught up in the facade of social media where everyone else seems to be doing so much better, because the truth is, it’s all based on perspective. The amount of “stuff’ you have doesn’t determine a person’s mental health, so never assume someone’s “happier” than you even though it deadass seems like they are.

It’s people like us, the connoisseurs, the snobs, and general consumers, that are the reason it’s possible for those influencers or company owners to be able to flex their insane weed stashes online. Remember that! Instead of using their voices by offering any advice or support to their customers/fanbase, all they’ve got to offer is more product for us to buy. And we think that’s fucking bullshit.

We’re in the works of figuring out ways to get involved with the resources we currently have, but for now, here is a list of articles we’ve curated in hopes to help out any of our fellow stoners maintain during a time like this:

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