How To Get The Most Out of Your Dispensary Experience

Going on a weed run to a legal facility weather it’s for your weekly re-up or for your very first time is always exciting. Even when making the trip itself is tedious, the feeling of walking out and looking forward to trying out your brand new products is something you’ll never get tired of.

There are many ways to prepare yourself in order to get everything you need and nothing you don’t without holding up the line at a dispensary. Don’t be that person. Going into it blind may seem fun until you wonder if you’ve spent your money wisely or not, and we all know how much that feeling sucks. Here are 5 solid ways to get the most out of your trip:

Have a conversation with yourself

Ah, yes. The grand question. What do you want? Something that’s easier to answer some days than others. Here are some further questions to help you get to the answer:

When y’all need to reup but can’t decide what to buy — Image via Giphy
  • Realistically, what is your budget? Leave room for taxes.
  • Do you need something perfect for going out or staying in? Something versatile? sativa, indica, or hybrid?
  • Establish a minimum THC percentage that works for you. if 18% (for flower) does the trick, then go for it. If you’re looking for something stronger, go as high as you can.
  • Decide weather looks, aromoa, and flavor is a factor of your decision or if you just want something that’ll put you on your ass. Not saying you can’t have a strain that has it all, but it’ll narrow down your options.
  • Do you want to even smoke at all? For those who aren’t looking to light up or considering a cbd option, think about your alternatives ahead of time.

Look up a menu, or several

Now that you have an idea of what you’re looking for, it’s time to look up a dispensary menu. This is also a great way to find a dispensary that fits all your needs if you’ve haven’t already. Most dispensaries have an up-to-date menu online, so unless you have the time to take a close look at all the strains you want, you’ll save much more time coming with select products in mind.

Image via BloomRoom SF dispensary menu.

If you don’t have weedmaps, (which is literally google maps for weed and one of the best platforms for accessing dispensary menus) downloaded already, do yourself a favor:

Image via Weedmaps

App download links:


Google Play

Ask about specials/a possible point system

One of the best ways you save money shopping at a dispensary are the weekly deals, so ask about them. Weather it’s something different everyday, or the same special during a specific time, all that matters is that you’re getting a better deal. Some places offer a reward system where you gain points for shopping there, and if your shop doesn’t offer one, it’s highly recommended that you go to one that does. You’d rather get some money back in the form of a discount or product than nothing at all.

Image via Weedmaps deals search section.

Tip your budtender

ESPECIALLY if you plan on coming back, had your questions answered, or received vape lounge services. If you know that your budtender took part in making your general experience better – why not spread that same genuine energy? There’s a reason why you’re gonna get better service at a Chick-fil-a over a Mcdonalds. If you don’t expect to tip, don’t expect quality service. Up to you!

Photo via Robyn Beck / AFP – Getty Images

Ever found yourself wondering how much is appropriate to tip at a dispensary? Here are two great articles on budtender tipping etiquette by: Leafly and WikiLeaf

Become a regular, if possible

Speaking from personal experience, loyalty does indeed have its rewards. If you’re able to become a familiar face in your dispensary, and you’re the type of connoisseur who enjoys smoking the latest and best, you better believe the people who handle the products are the people you want to get to know. They know when new shipments come in, they could provide first-hand reviews on strains, and give you a heads up on upcoming deals or events. As long as this process happens organically, it’s definitely the ultimate way of getting the most out of your dispensary experience.

Photo via Ermont Dispensary

Even though you’re still a customer, not being just any stranger could make a difference in receiving a genuine recommendation or a general promotion from a budtender. Even if you aren’t able to become a regular at any dispensary at the moment, following the advice given in this article is guaranteed to make you walk in with confidence. Give it a try and see how much your experience improves!

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