What Happened to Kushy Punch? UPDATE:

According to them – They’re back! After months in the shadows, hiding behind deactivated comments in all social media posts, it seems like they no longer fear negative backlash from their most recent scandal.

photo: @thecannabisprincess via instagram.

So.. what went down?

Kushy Punch, a well-known edible and vape company established mid 2014 by founder Ruben Cross, the CEO who claimed the business focused their energy on “perfecting operations and labs.” However, California regulators disagree. In November 2019, “Vertical Bliss” DBA “Kushy Punch” had the doors of an unlicenced facility kicked down for a good old fashion raid, and the findings were newsworthy. About $21 MILLION in unlicensed prodcuts. Can that get any sketchier?

Yes, it most definitely can.

Considering that an LAPD station was located on the same street – is anyone really surprised? Mind you, Kushy Punch has been running their business on the straight and narrow, selling completely legit products in legalized states. Why they had two separate facilities, one licensed and the other, well, not completely legal, isn’t a complete mystery. All products given the green light through testing went to the legal facility, while everything else that didn’t make the cut went to the unliscened one, pressumably to be shipped over and sold in the black market. A.k.a illegal states.

Despite by lawyers at Kushy Punch claiming they had an entire separate facility just to distroy these faulty products, it’s easy for anyone to assume this is a flat out lie. Considering all the cannabis waste companies out there that handle the distruction of these types of products, it makes a person wonder who in the right mind would invest so much money into running a whole seprate building just to throw prodcuts away? Because they weren’t just burning money… were they? What’s even worse is that those who’ve purchased KP through the black market is guaranteed a product that’s FILLED will pesticides. Sucks for all parties involved, genuinely.

Anyone with eyes can see that something was up, and it was only a matter of time. Since then they’ve pulled their prodcuts off all dispensary shelves.

…Till now!

Posted on Feburary 21st, 2020, Kushy Punch has returned with a vengeance by showing their IG followers that they’re back on their bullshit with no plans on slowing down. From a page that sat in silence to constant reassurance on their comment section. Will they be seen again at your favorite CA dispensary? We’ll have to wait and see.


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