The Most Discreet Weed Products On The Market Today

Ever hear how we’re living in the best time to be alive? Our lives have so much convenience that we don’t even need to leave the fucking house. That being said, it’s undeniable fact that we’re living in the absolute BEST time to be a stoner.

Companies are doing the most to compete for shelf space. Not only are dispensaries looking to add more and more unique shit on their menus, but just like technology, the marijuana experience is enhancing day by day.

SO, this list covers products that bring the convenience of a scent-free, lowkey product that does the trick. Therefore lip balms and bath bombs aren’t making the cut, as great as they are. We’re talking about the same high you’re able to catch off a full blown session.


Photo via: Leafly
Photo via: AllBud website, Chronic Toast Crunch by LOL Edibles

Had to include these options, of course. Your edible experience could be just any other food item you know and love. If it’s a snack food most people enjoy…trust me, there’s a THC option out there.

As far as carts go, you know the deal. They’re the one option on this list that is only discreet as long as you are as far as getting caught using one, but even then you could just claim it’s nicotine, people who don’t smoke don’t know the difference.

If you want to brush up on the facts, check out the links down below:

More about carts and a general overview on edibles via: Leafly.


Photo via Instagram: @thecannabisprincess

Out of all the breath sprays out there, BREEZ is basically the epitome. Attractive and functional packaging makes public dosing well…a breeze! Unlike other thc breath sprays, it’s not going to look like you’re spraying straight up hand sanitizer into your mouth. Also – there are plenty of flavors to choose from!


Photo via KIVA Confections.

So the mint space is dominated by PETRA (by KIVA), PLUS, and BREEZ. Each of these companies have perfected the marijuana mint by providing a variety of flavors that not only freshen your breath or taste like fruit, but pack a punch thc-wise. You seriously shouldn’t underestimate these little fuckers. Don’t eat a whole tin before a having somewhere to be, trust me.

Learn more about thc mints on: Leafbuyer


Photo via Instagram: @thecannabisprincess. Product by: @manzanitanatruals

Aside from edibles, beverages are one of the heaviest flooded products available with countless variations such as soda, juice, lemonade, tea, wine, kombucha—the list just goes on and on. It’s hard to vouch for a certain few, we’ll rank them in a new post very soon.

A bit of weed beverage education via: It’s Primo


Photo via Papa & Barkley

The ultimate way to get a full-bodied high without limitations, all you need is food in your stomach and you’re good to go. Available in both THC and CBD, capsules/softgels/tablets are a sure-fire way to get the job done with absolutely no hassle and leaving no trace.

More info on capsules via: Aphria


Photo via OM Edibles

So. Many. Possibilities. Liquid cannabis changed the game and brings plenty of options for its use. Weather you add it to your morning smoothie (or cocktail – no judgements here) into your baked goods, an IV (jk,) or just straight into your mouth. Either way, dosing is iffy for those who ignore the instructions off the bat, so read them because they vary!

The coolest shit about this option is that just like an edible – you can DIY it.

Learn more about tinctures & how to make your own via: Leafly

This list has constant opprotunity to grow as more products appear on the market. All these methods are GAURANTEED a great high if dosed according to your tolerance, and discreet enough for any low-key situation. We at The Collective understand an on-the-go lifestyle and that we don’t always have the luxury of being able to sneak a smoke break or smell like a hotboxed car. As always – we got you.

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