Weed Edibles: Gummies – Top 5 RANKED By WORST to BEST

We KNOW looks can be deceiving, no doubt. How appealing or straight up nasty an edible looks truly doesn’t determine its flavor or strength.

Okay, but.. GUMMIES. Can they possibly be gross? Most of us know the answer. There is nothing more disappointing in expecting an edible gummy to taste like our favorite childhood snack just to get a mouth full of butane, co2, even distillate or some shit. You’re here to find out what’s gonna check off all the boxes. Pretty, delicous, and strong.

5. Kushy Punch

Do these edibles pack a punch? Abso-fuckin-loutley. Will you shudder with chills running up your spine as you eat this? Yes. You Will. It’s one of those you may as well attempt to swollow while you pinch your nose, but once it’s down, a pretty sweet high awaits you.


Oh, plus products. The self-proclaimed #1 best selling edible in California. However, it’s worth noting that the keyword “selling” isn’t “tasting” for a reason. Are they THAT bad? Hell nah. Let’s just say their products are more catered to their looks and function.

3. KIVA – Camino

So, KIVA, the actual #1 best selling edible in California, has an assortment of different edible products. You may know them from their popular choclate bars and bites, but their “Camino” line soley focuses on gummy products. It’s clear that Kiva put a lot of focus into flavor, giving us something more unique on the shelves by providing sweetness with a kick, such as mango-habanero or watermenlon-lemonade. Eat enough and you’ll feel em’.


So these guys check ALL the boxes. The minimalist packaging and real fruit infused thick-cut gummies is pretty much the epitome of what every high end edible strives to be. With flavors like huckleberry and marionberry, you already know you’re about to bite into something boujie.

Best part is: they cost just as much as the other guys.

1. Smokiez

King of gummies right here y’all. Smokiez, much like WYLD, uses real fruit infusions in their products, giving them that full burst of gummy flavor we all want. If you’re looking for an edbile gummy experience with absolutely no bad aftertaste, packed with thc/cbd goodness, and pretty enough to give as a gift, you’re done. This is it.

Smokiez products are worth eating for flavor alone, the rest is just added benefit. Guess what? Also costs just as much as the other products listed.

Next time you’re in the dispensary looking for a controlled-dose snack, you don’t have to nag your budtender with the biased question “whats the best tasting edible you got?” Because there’s a 50% chance you’ll receive a genuine answer, and 50% chance that they’re gonna use that opportunity to push an edible that’s been sitting on the shelf a little too long.

Knowledge is power, friends. Happy edible hunting!

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